Saturday 16th November

Adult Tickets: £4 for Difference Screen & Take 7 Screenings £2 for individual screening

Child Tickets: £2 for Difference Screen & Take 7 Screenings £1 for individual screening


1.30 – Difference Screen – presents a diverse programme of international artists’ moving image that reflects on changing political geographies through people and places. The programme embarks on a world-wide journey, travelling across 20 countries over 2 years, interpreted by an evolving dialogue between artists, curators and audiences.

3.30pm – Ffilmic Take 7

The Programme


Emily Richardson – Cobra Mist


6mins 45secs.

Cobra Mist captures the enigmatic atmosphere of an abandoned military site at Orford Ness and the relationship between its landscape and its unusual military history, experiments in radar and the extraordinary architecture of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment.

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Sophie Nys – Lénine en pensant


6mins 36secs. (subtitles)

Conversations between Lenin and the German communist Clara Zetkin in the 1920s return time and again to the subject of woman’s place within the broader framework of proletarian revolution: questions and answers seemingly originate from within Lenin’s head.

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Riaz Mehmood – A Drone Wrapped Up in Flying Carpets


6mins 6secs. (subtitles)

An Afghan warrior action figurine acquires a more complex personality as he is transformed from a one-dimensional target of vilification to an ‘everyday’ human in search of meaning.

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Heba Amin – My love for you, Egypt, increases by the day


6mins 18secs.(subtitles)

A selected Speak2Tweet message of a man professing his love to Egypt prior to the fall of the Mubarak regime on February 11, 2011, juxtaposed with the abandoned structures that represented the long lasting effects of a corrupt dictatorship.

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Cordelia Swann – Desert Rose



A voice-over relates the stories of people dying from radiation built up through the use of the desert near Las Vegas as a nuclear test site in the 1950s, when the whole place became a tourist attraction, with people being bussed in to gamble in the casinos and look at the explosions.

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Short 10 minute break


Inger Lise Hansen – Travelling Fields



Altered perspective and animated camera movements redefine place and geography as the film moves between different topographies and locations in the Kola Peninsula, Northern Russia.

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Daniel Brefin – Hollywood



12mins 20secs.(subtitles)

Kutaisi, Georgia, a former open air cinema has been transformed into a church where a projection screen is still visible. By means of cinematically animated photography and interviews Hollywood approaches the dreams, hopes and fears of local people.

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Thomas Kilpper – Al Hissan – The Jenin Horse


26mins 37secs.

A horse, five metres tall, built out of scrounged metal taken from destroyed houses and cars during workshops with Palestinian youth in Ramalla, is towed through the streets of Jenin and later, almost 200 km away, through the occupied territories of the West Bank to Ramallah.

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Short 15 minute break


Take 7 Film Challenge Screening

Come and see all the amazing films made as part of the Take 7 Film Challenge, where participants only had 10 days to make their 5 minute film!